Working with Mia is never boring, her passion for design, people and business has contributed immensely to the success of Siren, founded in 2005 as a disruptive start up. She is admired for her bravery, passion and leads her team from the heart! With numerous international and national design awards under her belt including her most recent accolade, the 2018 Inde People’s Choice Luminary award, Mia’s ability to lead, inspire, and grow her talented team make her one of our industry’s most successful practice leaders.

Adopted by Australian and English parents, Mia studied in Bristol for her Dip. Art & Design (Textiles). She immigrated to Australia in 1999 and her first job was “starting from the ground up with nothing to lose”  as a librarian in a commercial design firm.

Featured with: Tembo High Stool from the La Chance, designed by Swedish designers ‘Note Design Studio’, available at Living Edge.

Partner and Singapore MD, Penny, has played a lead role in all major design projects for Siren since its inception in 2005. She is one of the industry’s top creative forces winning the 2013 Perspective 40-under-40 Design Star-of-the-Future award in Asia.

Penny moved to Singapore at the end of 2011 and opened Siren Singapore to support our clients in Asia.  Her primary responsibility is nurturing our growing design team and driving the creative process on all our projects. Penny has a double degree in Interior Design and International Studies, graduating with honours, studying in Sydney and Milano, Italy.  Penny’s unique, dynamic and hands-on leadership ensures the success of all our projects, with happy clients coming back for more.

Featured with: Mirto Chaise Lounge by B&B Italia; From Space Furniture, Singapore

Nicole is a Partner and our Melbourne Director. She is responsible for mentoring, inspiring and growing the Melbourne team and business. Graduating in 2005 (B. Interior Architecture (Hons), Nicole has worked extensively in Australia and London.

She has a passion for gaining an in depth understanding of her clients, their businesses, staff and culture. Nic loves that, as an interior designer, we have the ability to create spaces which shape how the users of a space feel and function in the interiors in which they spend their lives.

Nic’s passionate about work and believes in loving what you do. She’s grounded, calm and cool under pressure – steering the course of each project to a successful end.

Featured with: Terminal 1, B&B Italia by Jean-Marie Massaud, supplied by Space Furniture

Christina sought out to make 2020 a transformative year, focusing on what truly drives her and listening to her gut,  she’s established Siren Design in the US.

Partner and New York Managing Director, Christina brings to Siren an expansive portfolio of retail over the course of her 19 year career from specialty to luxury clients of all scales.  She has overseen creative and execution teams for high-profile clients such as Dolce & Gabbana, Richemont, Tiffany & Co., and Longchamp.  Christina is a leader in the industry but prefers being known for her leadership offering within the work culture supporting others’ personal and professional growth by fostering engagement, empowering and celebrating others.

Christina has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture from James Madison University, and multiple certificates from the Harvard Business School Executive Education programs. In 2018, she was included in Building Design + Construction’s 40 Under 40 list. Christina is driven by deep connections, good design, positive impact, and developing a mindful business; placing these principals at the forefront for her success.

Featured with the Pierre Jeanneret’s Chandigarh Chair of 1947

Jeanne was born in London, arriving by ship on the shores of Fremantle at the age of 10 – the last of the ‘ten pound poms’. She’s well-travelled and has spent over half her life in Australia and the rest in UK. Jeanne started out studying Maths at Uni, but ended up gravitating towards Marketing (both begin with the letter ‘M’). She’s embarked on other weird stuff too like being international ballroom dancer and stranger still… being in a girl band. What, I hear you ask, is she doing here at Siren?

Following a successful 20 year career in the financial services industry in the UK and Australia, Jeanne left her post as Operations Mgr, Risk – Investment Platforms at MLC to take up the position of GM at Siren Design Australia in 2012, joining at a period of intense growth. She’s responsible for facilitating client strategic briefing workshops, Siren’s internal policies and procedures, people & culture framework/processes and finance.  Jeanne says that, at Siren, no two days are the same.

“I love the Siren team – they’ve come from near and far to form the most talented and loveliest crew of people I’ve ever known. Together we set sail on the high seas of adventure on our Siren ship – yoho me hearties … y oho!”


Junlong graduated with a Diploma in Interior Architecture & Design from Temasek Design School in Singapore.

Junlong has over 10 years of professional experience in Corporate Interior design. He’s a great listener and has achieved recognition and affirmation from many clients and co-workers for his meticulous and accurate project execution. Junlong is passionate about consistently providing creative, specific and detailed design proposals to meet his client’s requirements and budget.

Featured: Dream Chair by Tadao Ando; From Space Furniture, Singapore

Hana graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Interior Architecture and is an all-rounder with a strong passion for creative thinking and beautiful detailing. She has worked in various countries including Australia, UK and South East Asia and has over 15 years’ experience in the field of interior architecture.

Hana loves nature, is crazy about travelling and is an avid scuba diver. She is passionate about the environment, supporting local communities and more generally in the human condition. She loves taking a picnic blanket to parks and looking up at the trees… this remedy soothes her computer-tired eyes. Hana also can not stop watching Seinfeld re-runs while cooking. Ask Hana if you want to discover the most amazing and inexpensive Asian cuisine hot spots in Sydney… she knows them all!

Featured with: ‘Harvest’ Chair from Jardan

Verity is Siren Sydney’s Cultural Champion and lynch pin – bringing everyone together beautifully. She is inspired by the incredible talent and unique culture at Siren and enjoys working with creative like-minded people. We feel lucky to have Verity’s calm, balanced, switched-on nature to help us steer and navigate the Siren Sydney team through all sorts of amazing adventures.

In a previous life and before children, Verity gained a Bachelor of Business and Marketing and worked as a Sales Manager for Australian children’s clothing labels (including running a sales agency for various children’s brands) and later women’s accessories. She was responsible for the growth of the brands and getting them stocked in retailers across the country.

Featured with: Pelle Chair by Zeitraum

After graduating high school, Julie had the choice of pursuing art curation or visual communication studies. She chose Visual Communication for 2 years (a mixture of graphic design, photography, typography & illustration) before realising she had a strong interest in Interior Design.

After deciding to follow this passion, Julie completed an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design & Styling and was quickly snatched up by a retail & hospitality design studio for 2 years before joining Siren. Since then she has gone from strength to strength and is now a Design Manager at Siren, across the team with a particular focus on maintaining high standards, process, delivery and training.

At first glance, Julie’s quiet nature may come off as shy but don’t be fooled! She used to ride a skate board, is a quick thinker and well known for her sharp wit. Her eye for detail and capability to think outside the box allows her to present a well-thought out and cohesive design. Julie’s ‘hands on’ approach to design means she’s always fully immersed in every project – preferring to be on site and working directly alongside her clients and colleagues.

Julie likes to spend her spare time being a total sloth – when she’s not lounging around or relaxing at the beach, she exercises her huge passion for cooking, which she credits inheriting from her Chinese-chef father. She loves cooking and eating western food & is a self-proclaimed Queen of the BBQ! At Siren Julie is famous for her ‘man-style lunches’ basically large meal consisting of meat and carbs… her favourite carbohydrates are bread and the potato is King.

Featured with: the “Colour Stool” by Karimoku from Stylecraft

Phik See worked as a Pharmacist for about a decade in London and Sydney before arriving on the shores of Singapore with her husband 4 years ago. She saw it as an opportunity to expand her horizons and pursue a different career path.  Phik See is unsinkable, loves new challenges, enjoys learning new things and testing her limits: she believes that “there is something new to learn every day”.  She enjoys working with the Siren team, the creative buzz and the feeling of comradeship.

When she’s not at work, Phik See is busy running after her two young kids and practising yoga with the very noble intention of someday being able to touch her toes.

Featured with: Holly All by Phillipe Starck, Serralunga; From Space Furniture, Singapore

Claire is an interior designer with a strong graphic design background, which means she gets insanely excited about brand identity and experience. She’s curious about how everything affects the experience of the people that use the space.

Claire is an award-winning designer who has delivered design solutions for brands across Australia and Asia.

Well known for her awesomely dry sense of humor, Claire is able to deliver a gut-busting comedic narrative punctuated by deadpan jokes. We think she’d be the perfect Australian commentator for the Eurovision Song Contest.


Featured with the QT chair (Designer: Stellar Works & Nic Graham)

Nana’s previous work experience stretches from Account Servicing in Advertising Agencies to Jewellery Design operations from Bali. She’s the mother of twin boys and is originally from Borneo. Nana is a naturally organised all-round super woman keeping our Singapore studio operations humming as well as being the EA to Penny Sloane.

She is a foodie at heart, with a weakness for any form of fruit, crisps and a glass of white wine. Nana’s vivacious personality and infectious smile make her a pleasure to be around and a valued member of the Singapore team.

Featured with: The Crosshatch chair by EOOS.

Ellen graduated with an Honours degree in Architecture from University studies in Singapore and Melbourne. Ellen has over 13 years of professional experience in Interior Design, specialising in corporate, hospitality and retail interiors.

Technically astute and with an exceptional eye for detail, Ellen is a very talented and accomplished designer, able to adapt to different architectural styles. She always shows great imagination, style and flair and providing design ‘edge’ whist always exceeding the Client’s expectations. Ellen commands great respect from both colleagues and Clients alike, leading by example. She’s organised, level headed, efficient and controlled. Ellen produces work of exceptional detail and quality on time and on budget.

Featured in: Autoban Nest Chair

With an Adv. Dip. In Interior Design, Chloe has been a prized member of the Siren team since 2009, from internship through to becoming an Associate. She has worked on a large array of some of Siren’s key corporate, hospitality and retail projects; was seconded to the Singapore office for a year to help Penny lay the foundations for the Singapore office; and is now the 2IC in our Sydney office in charge of office resourcing and making sure the Sydney team is working smoothly with a smile. Her commitment to her team and her clients, working tirelessly all the while with that gentle and human approach she is famous for.

She is encouraging, supportive, yet highly efficient all at the same time – plus she has an absolutely killer sense of humor – the kind that makes you spray hot coffee through your nose! When it comes to chocolate …, Chloe’s will power is non-existent.

Practical, with a very ‘hands-on’ approach to everything she does, Chloe’s also very intuitive and a favorite with our clients! She wins them over with her calm, reliable and dedicated attitude. Her motto is to create amazing spaces that make our clients deliriously happy. She says “all our hard work is rewarded when there’s a smile on our client’s face at the end of the job”

Featured with: ‘Take a soft line for a walk’ by Moroso, transformed version of Take a Line for a Walk by Alfred Haberli

Heidi has over 10 years’ experience working in both Sydney and London in predominately corporate interiors.

Heidi graduated from UTS, Sydney with first class honours B. Interior Design. She’s the ultimate ‘all-rounder’ as well as being extraordinarily creative. Her old clients still rave about her and she has many fans, not least within our team at Siren. It’s hard to put your finger on it, there’s just a magic about Heidi and how clients fall in love with her passion to help them realise their perfect design solution – all the while with such a lovely and supportive manner.

Her favourite part of design is the diversity of communication. “One day you are presenting to a CEO of a multinational company and the next day you are problem solving with a builder – I love that”. People love to work with Heidi as nothing is a problem! Heidi makes clients feel at ease with her friendly and approachable nature.  It’s been said that it’s such a pleasure to work with Heidi, that it hardly seems like work … more like hanging out with a friend. She is great at delivering inspiring and effective design solutions, regardless of budget! Heidi is always up for the challenge.

Heidi is featured with a retro dining chair

Belnice graduated with a Diploma in Environment Design from Temasek Polytechnic. Corporate interior design is her happy place and Belnice garners much joy and fulfilment from every project she is involved in. She believes that each project is an opportunity to create environments that make people happy and feel at home. Belnice enjoys traveling, roller blading and crafts. A plant lover who is into nordic design, Belnice loves dropping into to Ikea and the nursery. Her inspiration comes from her surroundings, expanding her design horizons as well as observing the culture in different countries.

Featured: Edo Meet by Schamburg + Alvisse

Jonathan brings 20 years of experience and passion for design to Siren Singapore.

Growing up, Jon loved to make sketches of cars, houses and superheroes, “it was then I started to visualize myself as someone who would draw and design for a living”. He completed a Diploma in Architectural Technology at the Technological University of the Philippines which provided a springboard to his ideal career as a designer and he loves every minute of it.

During his spare time, Jon goes out on walks, or listens to music at home. He’s an avid traveller and a home body – visiting new places with his wife as well as relaxing by the beach. Whilst yoga grounds him, cycling is also part of Jon’s routine. On food: “I’ll try anything as long as it’s edible.”

Featured with: PRO chair by Flötotto; from Monopool

Clem graduated from Univeristy of Santo Tomas with a Bachelor of Architecture. Prior to working with Siren, Clem gained experience working on hospitality and residential projects. Clem enjoys the design opportunities and interesting mix of projects that Siren offers.

Clem’s intuitive systematic approach on his work allows him to be more efficient and precise on all his projects.

His off the wall sense of humor allows him to flourish during critical and tight program and deadlines.

Clem is featured in his favorite park throne

Maggie was born in Singapore and raised in Hong Kong. After completing her bachelor’s degree at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with first class honours, her first job was with a global branding agency.

Before the age of 9, Maggie was already immersed in the world of design and could be often found helping her dad with special effects makeup. Her great love for art and design gave her the yearning to ignore her science homework and sketch instead.

Maggie has the travel bug and her current favourite country so far is Mongolia. However, she dreams of one day visiting North Korea to witness and experience a culture without globalization. She is a documentary nerd – especially ones featuring landscapes which inspire her design of space.

She says “I don’t exercise much, but I’m crazy about windsurfing, it was one of the main reasons I moved to Australia, but soon found out there are way too many sharks and big waves.”

Maggie loves music and her favourite bands are Coldplay and M83, with a particular penchant for dream and indie pop. She’s not a big spender but will pay a small fortune for quality headphones in order to fully enjoy her music.

Featured with: Cute Chair by Jonas Ihreborn from Business Interiors

Amelda (aka Mel), hails from a background in high-end residential and hospitality design and has a B. Interior Design in the UK. She is as driven and meticulous in her work as she is in achieving the goals on each project she undertakes – “Every little detail counts” is her mantra. Mel possesses super powers too, in particular she is super speedy at Photoshop!

She has penchant for Japanese arts and crafts, and loves all manner of tasty little snacks! When she’s not at Siren,this lady also enjoys kayaking and being out in nature.

Her dad, a DIY guru, is her biggest source of inspiration, and Mel has pledged to herself that she’ll learn carpentry before she’s 30!

Featured with: Pilastro by Ettore Sottsass, Kartell; From Space Furniture, Singapore

Jenny is a vivacious designer with a natural creative fire. Graduating with a Bachelor of Interior Architecture, her curious mind interlaced with her easy going nature results in an adaptable and versatile member of the siren team.

Jenny looks up to Isle Crawford and believes that her philosophy behind interior design is one of the most motivational factors for her work and aspires to present her work in a similar manner.
She loves discovering new and upcoming furniture designers and the satisfaction that comes with a project coming to life.

Originally from Melbourne, she is a well travelled designer who is always up for new challenges. Traveling around Asia, she learn to love hiking in Hong Kong and embrace cultures in Shanghai. She is adventurous, inquisitive and spontaneous which means that she fits into new environments easily and makes her an absolute joy to work with.

featured with: Shelter Swivel Armchair -Stylecraft

A strong communicator, Lauren is incredibly compassionate about ensuring the wants and needs of her clients are met in every project. Lauren’s passion for design was heightened while completing her studies in a Bachelor of Interior Design (Hons) at RMIT University, Melbourne.

The idea of incidental exchanges and noticing the small details in her surroundings whether that be at work, through travelling, or just out at a café, all play an integral role in shaping and inspiring her style and developing her conceptual process.

Featured with: ‘Leaf Chair’ James Richardson Furniture

Emily joined the Sydney team after graduating from the Sydney Design School with a Diploma of Interior Design and brings a great sense of passion, determination and aptitude to the team.

A talented designer with a keen eye for detail, she loves working with composition, balance and textures and draws a great deal of inspiration from the earthy tones of nature.

Strolling the Saturday markets with a coffee in hand by day, Emily loves nothing more than settling in for a night of wine and cheese with friends where they can discuss plans of returning to her favourite place in the world, New York City!

Featured with Nook Sofa from Jardan


Born and bred in Singapore, Melati came to us from a Design and Build background.

After first discovering her love and talent for drawing, painting and designing while in Secondary school, Melati continues to develop her creative flare outside of work through acrylic canvas painting and being a freelance makeup artist on her days off.

An avid lover of Karaoke and indulging in her wardrobe, she is incredibly determined and hardworking and makes a fantastic addition to our Singapore team.

Mbrace Wing Chair, by Sebastian Werkner. Courtesy of XTRA

Stephanie brings with her 8 years of industry experience, specialising in commercial and hospitality design where she has developed her minimalist design style. She loves to keep her projects paired back but is not afraid of adding a touch of metallic or boldly coloured bling to spice up the space and bring everything together.

A passionate traveller and Collingwood supporter, Steph is always up for a good chat and laugh and injects a huge element of knowledge and fun into the Melbourne team.

Featured with the ‘Babila Stool’ from James Richardson

Angelia grew up with multiple family members in the creative industry. Surrounded by Interior and graphic designers, art directors, illustrators, photographers and videographers, creativity and design is in her DNA. She attributes her passion and flair for creativity to this exposure and credits them for helping her develop the strong attention to detail that is translated on all projects she is apart of.

Not afraid to inject pops of colour and pattern to a design, Angelia get’s a lot of her inspiration from travelling. Be it while visiting museums or quaint boutiques and coffee shops or simply while exploring her general surroundings, she will always find something beautiful and detailed to capture on photo and transport into her designs.



From an early age, Zoe has always been inspired by the colours, textures and patterns of nature. From the intricacies of a flower to earthy surface tones, this fascination of elements and attention to detail drew Zoe into a creative career path and inspired her to complete her Diploma in Interior Architecture and Design at Temasek Polytechnic.

Ceramic making is another true passion of Zoe’s. She finds it to be a type of expressive meditation and was so intrigued by the art that she decided to study it, obtaining a Certificate in Ceramics from Nanyang Academic of Fine Art.

Featured with the Paper Planes High Armchair by Doshi and Levien

Nesia is a happy go lucky designer who has developed her design inspiration through exploring different textures and materials, paying close attention to the finer details.

She developed her meticulous attention to detail and high technical ability at the One Academy in Kuala Lumpur where she studied Interior Design, relocating to Singapore after graduating to follow in the footsteps of her older sister.

Nesia is not afraid to go outside of her comfort zone to learn new things and achieve her goals both on projects and in life!

Featured with the Gemma Armchair by Daniel Libeskinde

Ellie completed an Advanced Diploma of Interior Design at Sydney Design School and has since worked across a number of industry areas, gaining valuable experience across the board, with a specific focus on retail, hospitality and residential.

Ellie has an ambitious attitude and is courageous when faced with new challenges and opportunities. She has a strong technical design ability and is incredibly confident on site.

When she is not dreaming of design, Ellie enjoys indulging in experiences that take her out of her comfort zone as well as going on long bush walks with her beloved dog.

Featured with the Sinus Armchair by COR